RHA Unique Masterpiece (HOF)

Wa-Full Unique Legend x Curry’s Northern Rose


Foaled: 6/4/201537"AMHR and ASPC Registered

Show Highlights

  • 2019 National Champion Aged Gelding, 3 & Older - Over 36-38” (out of 22 entries!)
  • 2019 National Champion Gelding Senior Champion, Over
  • 2019 Reserve National GRAND Champion Gelding, Over
  • 2018 Congress Champion Classic Aged Gelding 3 Years and Older 39" & Under
  • 2018 Reserve Congress Champion Classic Gelding Senior Champion and Reserve 42" & Under
  • 2018 Congress Champion Classic Gelding Amateur 46" & Under



WA-Full Unique Legend Lee Land Unique Royal Kryptonite
Lee-Land Pasties
WA-Full Rojo's Betty Boo Diabolo's Rojo Of-A
WA-Full Betty Boop
Currys Northern Rose Mr. Spot Jet's Black Jack
Fancy Spot (HOF)
Jet's Desert Rose Painted Red
Jet's Shadow Dancer