Rayvik Champ's Tickled Pink

Rhapsody’s Champagne Reign x Cross Country Hollywood Dreams


Foaled: 6/4/2017 AMHR and ASPC Registered

*Co-owned with Roseland Miniature Horses

Show Highlights


Rhapsody's Champagne Reign (HOF) Rhapsody's Reign Man (HOF) Rudolph's Golden Comanche (HOF)
Rhapsody's Rhythm & Jazz
Rhapsody's Sweet Lolita (HOF) Captain's Show-Man
Rudolph's Cherry Jubilee (HOF)
Cross Country Hollywood Dreams B & L's Rock "E" Bright Day (HOF) Bar-G's Rock "E" (HOF)
B & L's Golden Linda Lou
Royal Red Luster Masters Captain's Little Dancer
Royal Crescent's Red Doll