McCarthy’s Simply Elegant

McCarthy's Pink Panther x Rhapsody’s Elegant Lass


Foaled: 6/18/2015 37" AMHR and ASPC Registered



McCarthy's Pink Panther Kewpie's Klassic Kreation Of Arenosa Kewpie Doll's Diablo
Stormy Breeze Of Reinbow
Showmans Golden Jewel Captain's Show-Man
Wa-Full Nuisance Jewel
Rhapsody's Elegant Lass B&L's Rock "E" Holly Wood Celebrity (HOF) Bar-G's Rock "E" (HOF)
J-J's Fancy Boots (HOF)
B&L's Rock "E" Elegant Lady (HOF) Bar-G's Rock "E" (HOF)
Bear's Fashionable Lady