CD Destined For Glory

Erica’s Rip, Ride & Rock It (HOF) x Wall Street Admiral’s Glory (HOF)


Foaled: 3/3/2019
AMHR and ASPC Registered

Show Highlights



Erica's Rip, Ride And Rock It (HOF) Wall Street Rock E Rock On Bar-G's Rock "E" (HOF)
B&L's Golden Dainty Doll
Wall Street Illusions Ballerina (HOF) SWF Atoms Illusion
My Dancing Doll
Wall Street Admiral's Glory (HOF) B&L's Rock "E" The Admiral (HOF) Bar-G's Rock "E" (HOF)
J-J's Fancy Boots (HOF)
Bar-G's Rock "E" Graceful Lady Bar-G's Rock "E" (HOF)
Bear's Fashionable Lady